Over-the-counter detox pills often promise to help people cleanse their bodies from the presence of drugs. This may matter to those who need to pass a drug test or those who must remain drug-free. Some pills may even promise to help a person stop using drugs. Yet, these products are typically ineffective and unnecessary.

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What Are Detox Pills?

A variety of home detox kits and pills are available over-the-counter. They are purchased online or locally, and they claim that they can help flush specific drugs out of the system. Home detox pills and kits may be legal to purchase. However, there is little regulation of these products, leading to less insight into what’s included in them. Also, there’s not a lot of information to support why they work either.

Some of the most common detox pills promise to help people remove marijuana or THC from their bodies. They promise to help a person pass their drug test. Some are quite expensive, which also can trick people into believing they work.

Are Detox Pills Effective?

These products do not work in the way natural detox traditionally works. That is, they do not speed up the body’s ability to flush drugs from the system. Rather, they simply encourage the body to flush itself out. They do not help you through withdrawal or cravings. Further, they do not help a person identify or process the mental health stressors behind addiction either.

Facts that you should know that detox pills include:

  • Detox pills are not effective at removing all signs of drugs from the body.
  • These “solutions” cannot help you withdraw from drug use faster.
  • Detox pills or kits do not help you avoid cravings.
  • These pills lack the ability to speed up the natural detox process.
  • Most importantly, detox pills are not regulated, so you don’t know what you are putting into your body.

Is There a Better Solution than Detox Pills?

Keeping this in mind, those who may need help right away should consider a formal detox center, like Fort Behavioral Health. In a drug detox center, you are situated in a safe, drug-free environment where your medical needs are met. Your body goes through the natural detoxification process. In this process, the liver, kidneys, and other organs process and remove the toxins from the drugs. It takes some time, but you start to feel more like yourself within a matter of days or weeks.

If this process does not happen, substance abuse treatment is likely to be ineffective in the long term. It is very common for a person to experience withdrawal symptoms during detox. This may be controlled effectively by using medications in a detox environment. Psychotherapy also becomes available, which means people can start the healing process.

What Happens in a Drug Detox Center?

Comprehensive treatment is available to help those struggling with drugs and alcohol. At our Fort Behavioral Health substance abuse treatment center, our team provides caring and comprehensive support for all recovery needs. That includes medical and mental health treatment. In a safe, drug-free environment, it becomes possible for you to gain stability, build life skills, and achieve a better outcome.

While detox pills may offer false hope for passing a drug test, a true drug detox center can provide a way through the pain and life-threatening consequences of addiction. Our substance abuse treatment center offers a range of opportunities to achieve this, including programs such as:

Skip the Detox Pills and Get Effective Treatment at Fort Behavioral Health

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