Choosing the right treatment setting is important for anyone considering drug or alcohol rehab. Finding a place where you feel safe and protected is critical. Additionally, it is crucial to choose a rehab center with innovative, modern therapies and resources to help you. At Fort Behavioral Health in Fort Worth, Texas, we provide a comprehensive level of care to support each one of your needs.

What Is the Right Treatment Setting for You?

Your physical and mental health needs are two key components when choosing a treatment setting. Additionally, the severity of dependence can also be a factor. After a full assessment of your health needs, a recommendation is made based on available programs and services. This may include:

For those with a safe at-home environment without any risk of drug exposure, outpatient therapy can help. However, it becomes critical for people with a dependence on drugs and alcohol to consider detox and residential care at a substance abuse treatment center. This is the foundation of success for many people. Without comprehensive support like this, recovery may be short-lived, and relapse can occur.

How Do I Choose a Treatment Setting for Mental Health Needs?

Another key factor to consider is the selection of a mental health treatment program. For those with drug and alcohol addictions, underlying conditions such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder may occur. That means that a person may need dual diagnosis treatment at a treatment center like Fort Behavioral Health. This type of treatment deals with mental health and addiction simultaneously, creating a more effective, better long-term result.

Diagnosis of mental health disorders often takes a professional. During treatment programs like this, it becomes possible to learn to control the symptoms of the disorder while also working to restore overall health. Medications may also play a factor in this process.

Should I Choose a Treatment Setting Offering Comprehensive Therapy?

It is not enough to have a comfortable place to sleep. To do well in treatment at a rehab center, a person needs access to master-level clinicians who have access to innovative therapies and resources to help a person heal. That may include therapies such as:

Additionally, many people also need support through family therapy. Engaging in family therapy enables all members of the family to work towards healing and recovery, including learning what their role in recovery and relapse prevention is.

What Else Helps Me Choose a Treatment Setting?

When choosing a location for substance abuse treatment, always consider what the location can offer in terms of overall support. For example, think about:

  • Do they have a foundation of therapy built on love and trust?
  • Can they provide support in a positive setting without judgment or stigma?
  • Are they providing a high level of care even during COVID-19?

All of these factors are essential to consider when choosing an environment where you receive care.

At Fort Behavioral Health, our team is dedicated to taking the time to listen to you. Each of our clinicians works closely with you to better understand what your needs are. There is a full on-site detox center providing medical support for you when you need it. Yet, this isn’t a hospital-like setting where you’re uncomfortable. Instead, adults have their own rooms and ample support. Take the time to reach out to find out we can help you.

Explore the Treatment Setting at Fort Behavioral Health

The right substance abuse treatment setting is critical for your long-term wellbeing and success. The goal is to reach out to a team that can help you today. To learn more about our rehab center in Fort Worth, Texas, call Fort Behavioral Health at 844.332.1807 or connect with us online today.

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