A women’s drug rehabilitation program is designed to provide all of the tools and resources a woman needs to overcome addiction. As a gender-specific program, the type and method of delivering those tools and education are specialized to meet each woman’s needs in treatment. At Fort Behavioral Health in Fort Worth, Texas, we offer treatment uniquely designed to address women’s needs in a separate program.

What Is a Women’s Drug Rehabilitation Program?

A women’s drug rehab program aims to help women stop using drugs or alcohol, get treatment for underlying mental health disorders, and facilitate full body and brain healing. It is also designed to provide tools to rebuild a new life that fits a woman’s specific needs and desires. During treatment at Fort Behavioral Health, women live with other women, removing distractions and improving openness.

How Does a Women’s Drug Rehabilitation Program Begin?

A women’s rehab program starts at the level and type of care a person needs. Many times, a treatment plan includes detox. Drug detox allows the body to naturally and safely remove the toxins from these substances over a few days to weeks. Medications are provided to minimize cravings and to control intense withdrawal. You may benefit from medically supervised detox if you have:

  • Used drugs for a long time
  • Are in active addiction now
  • Have struggled with overdoses in the past
  • Have relapsed or overdosed
  • Tried to stop using but couldn’t

The first step of rehab is getting the chemical and physical dependence under control. Then, you can restart your life by beginning recovery.

Benefits of a Rehab Center

When you get care in a residential treatment program, you can focus solely on your needs, which is critical in your recovery journey. This program also enables you to step away from friends, family, work responsibilities, challenges, and stress for a while. During that time, the focus is solely on developing the best outcome for your needs.

In this type of treatment, it becomes possible to work on healing and recovery in many ways. This may include:

  • Learning skills to manage the symptoms of addiction relapse
  • Controlling negative thought patterns that lead to addiction relapse
  • Enabling better communication skills, especially in relationships
  • Building self-confidence and awareness to ensure a positive outcome
  • Learning life skills to support healing but also to minimize relapse risks

In a women’s detox center at Fort Behavioral Health, all of these services are available and can make a significant difference in your quality of life. They enable women to learn and grow safely.

What Makes a Women’s Drug Rehabilitation Program Unique?

When you turn to Fort Behavioral Health in Fort Worth, Texas, for drug addiction treatment, you’ll work with other women going through the same challenges with the same experiences. Women working together towards healing and improving life skills ensures a better outcome.

The information taught during a women’s treatment program is designed so that women can understand, learn, and grow from it. Men and women learn in different ways and also communicate differently. These programs address those unique elements to ensure information and skills are received in the best manner possible.

In our rehab center, women have access to the highest level of care and the most innovative programs. That may facilitate the best level of support, mind and body healing, and the development of skills to create a new life.

Enroll in a Women’s Drug Rehabilitation Program at Fort Behavioral Health Now

A women’s drug rehabilitation program enables women of all backgrounds to find their way forward. No matter what has happened to you until this point, you can embrace drug addiction treatment with Fort Behavioral Health in Fort Worth, Texas. Let our compassionate counselors help you when you call 844.332.1807 or connect with us online.

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