No matter what types of addictions you are facing, it is critical to have access to the right level of care. At Fort Behavioral Health in Fort Worth, Texas, we provide outstanding resources to help you make better decisions after addiction treatment for long-term improvement. Our addiction rehab center can be the safe environment that you may need to begin your recovery journey.

What Are the Types of Addictions?

There are two main types of addiction:

  • Chemical addiction occurs when a person uses drugs, alcohol, or other substances.
  • Behavioral addiction occurs when a person engages in compulsive behaviors without control.

In both situations, a similar path occurs. A person engages in this activity, which stimulates the natural reward system. The brain recognizes that this is enjoyable and is then reprogrammed to continue to seek out this stimulus.

Over time, the brain wants to feel the pleasure that is often associated with engaging in that activity. You engage in repeated access to that experience to keep feeling pleasure. As that happens more frequently, the brain becomes dependent on the action. This is due to a chemical shift in the brain’s communications. When this occurs, dependence forms, making it impossible for most people to stop using.

What are Some Examples of the Types of Addiction?

Chemical addictions typically include the use of illicit or prescription drugs or the use of alcohol. These substances work to trigger the reward system in the brain to create the high many people seek.

In behavioral addictions, it is some type of compulsive behavior that occurs. Some examples include:

  • Gambling
  • Sex
  • Shopping
  • Internet overuse
  • Exercise overuse

In these situations, a person is likely spending a large amount of time on that activity and pushes off anything else that gets in the way. You may feel urges to engage in the activity all the time, perhaps even multiple times a day.

What Can Be Done to Treat These Types of Addictions?

Substance abuse treatment generally begins with detoxing from that substance. The same may apply to behavioral-related addictions. This forces the body and brain to function normally again without access to those behaviors or substances. It is a difficult process that can be helped significantly through professional treatment at Fort Behavioral Health.

Addiction treatment often includes talk therapy, a process where a person works with their counselor to learn about their addiction as well as how to manage the symptoms of it. Some types of therapy that may be used include:

When Should Someone Seek Help for These Types of Addictions?

An addiction rehab center such as Fort Behavioral Health can help right away in identifying and creating a treatment plan. Even if you’re unsure that you need addiction treatment, that first step is critical. Reaching out for help opens the door to stop the progression of these conditions. There is a high risk for complications in both situations, including physical health, mental health, finances, and legalities.

Getting treatment also enables people to start rebuilding their lives without being under the stigma or compulsions they feel. The key is to take action as soon as possible in getting that help to avoid the worst possible negative outcomes these types of addictions can cause.

Treat All Types of Addictions with Help from Fort Behavioral Health

No matter which of the types of addictions you have, or even if you’re unsure you have an addiction, reach out for professional treatment. At Fort Behavioral Health in Fort Worth, Texas, our comprehensive addiction rehab center is available to help you every step of the way. Learn more today when you call 844.332.1807 or connect with us online.

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