Anyone struggling with addiction may find the idea of entering rehab overwhelming. For many women in this position, it may be something they have put off for years. But if you have come to a point in your life where the need for substance abuse treatment is undeniable, it may be wise to consider the benefits of a gender-specific rehab center.

While a women’s rehab program may not be the right choice for all women, studies have shown that it is often the safer route to a full and lasting recovery. Discover how Fort Behavioral Health’s women’s rehab program can give you the tools for long-lasting recovery.

Women and Men Are Different

Gender differences alone may not be a reason to choose a women’s detox center, but they are persuasive. Women and men have different relapse triggers, different ways of expressing themselves, and different ways of bonding and supporting each other. While men and women can enjoy successful recovery together, our experience has shown that the chances of success are greater when the additional pressures of a co-ed environment are removed. Gender-specific treatment can make it easier to admit fault and to take initiative in recovery.

Gender Expectations

According to The National Institute on Alcohol and Alcoholism, women shoulder a heavier burden of shame over addiction issues. This can pose a significant barrier to recovery. These kinds of barriers can be reduced in the absence of men. Women often have a strong instinct to act as a caregiver. While this is a marvelous aspect of human nature, it is essential to learn to accept care and recover before helping others. Gender-specific rehab is a great help in this regard.

Addiction and Mental Health

Often addiction and substance abuse coexist with a mental health issue. It can be difficult to tell when such conditions coincide and when they do not. Compounding mental health issues that surround gender relations is often a hindrance to recovery. It is best to take the safer route and reduce any possible conflicting factors through a dual diagnosis treatment program.

Interpersonal and Social Addictions

Often, women suffer from addictive behaviors involving relationships, interpersonal dependency, and intimacy. Naturally, the same is often also true of men. All too often, these types of issues can go undiagnosed. When women with such dependencies enter into a co-ed rehab center, it only compounds their difficulties. We believe it is best to eliminate these influences as they can be relapse triggers for both sexes.

Shut-Down Triggers

While more common with men, women also frequently will not open up fully in the presence of the opposite sex. Both men and women want to appear strong and vital in the company of others. While this is healthy for most adults, those struggling with a substance abuse issue should not be so burdened. It is valuable to recovery to remove social pressures such as those brought on by the opposite sex.

Uniformity and Solidarity

Healthy women and men are able to support each other. However, a gender-specific substance abuse treatment center amplifies the ability of patients to understand each other and admit mistakes and faults. It also helps to feel that all patients are held to the same standards.

Finally, it is important for persons with addiction issues to learn to form solid friendships. This will be critical during the long road to recovery when we must meet with peers and honestly share successes and failures. These things are key to a full and lasting recovery.

Learn More About Fort Behavioral Health’s Women’s Rehab Program

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