Many people don’t realize that they would benefit from mental health treatment. Some others think going for mental health treatment degrades them as a person, while some get stigmatized for entering a mental health treatment program. However, entering into a treatment program that addresses both addiction and mental health disorders maximizes the effectiveness of the treatment.

At Fort Behavioral Health, our dual diagnosis treatment program allows people to heal from both addiction and mental health disorders. If you or a loved one may benefit from this type of comprehensive care, reach out to our Fort Behavioral Health team today. If you’re wondering whether you need mental health treatment or not, our team has compiled a list of signs that you may need mental health treatment.

Excess Anxiety

Anxiety, an unpleasant state of mental uneasiness, can signify that one needs mental health treatment, especially when it is excessive. Anxiety makes someone feel nervous, apprehensive, obsessed, and concerned about events that are uncertain. It can be destroying and paralyzing.

It’s normal for everyone at some point in their lives to have worry or anxiety. But when it becomes excessive and refuses to leave after many deliberate attempts to make it go, a mental health treatment program at Fort Behavioral Health can help. The longer it remains with you, the more havoc it causes to you mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Obvious Mood Swings

A stable mood is one of the signs of excellent health. When your mood fluctuates so much and very fast that people notice and complain most of the time, or your moods are birthing problematic decisions, it could be a sign of a mental disorder. If this description adequately describes you, then you should visit mental health professionals very quickly.

Precipitous Changes in Appetite

Loss of appetite or excessive appetite is another sign of a mental disorder. When someone eats much less than they used to or wants to eat everything in sight, there might be a problem.

This can also come with a distorted body image that happens when people see themselves as too fat or too thin when the case is actually the opposite.  This often leads many into substance abuse.

Anyone feeling this way should address it as soon as possible by enrolling in a mental health treatment program that includes dual diagnosis treatment. This will help you combat both the problem of substance abuse and mental health disorder.

The Use of Coping Mechanisms

A typical coping mechanism for those who experience mental disorders is to turn to some things that can be destructive, distracting, rewarding, or numbing. Some of the most common coping mechanisms include drugs and sex. Using these coping mechanisms can be quite dangerous as they birth feelings of anxiety and negative thoughts.

When you notice this in yourself or your loved ones, it’s best for you to enroll in one of the therapy programs at Fort Behavioral Health. If it’s a relative or friend, persuade them and let them know the benefit of visiting a mental health professional. Please don’t force them.

Easily Depressed

Depression is another sign that you need mental health treatment. If you are unnecessarily quiet and feel down most of the time, you should consider mental health treatment. Also, if your enjoyment of life is lowered at all times and you can’t always visualize a happy future for yourself, that’s another sign that you may need depression treatment programs.

Mental Health Treatment at Fort Behavioral Health

Our mental health treatment program is one of our major areas of interest and specialization at Fort Behavioral. If you’re considering registering for effective addiction and mental health programs, then our dual diagnosis treatment may be right for you.

We provide a full continuum of care from detox to aftercare that promotes long-term recovery. Our state-of-the-art facility helps us inspire hope, restore peace of mind, and heal lives in a comfortable, non-hospital setting.

Some of our programs and services include but are not limited to:

Begin to Heal with Fort Behavioral Health’s Mental Health Treatment Program

At Fort Behavioral Health, our comprehensive mental health treatment program gives people the tools that they need to begin to heal and overcome addiction issues. If you or someone you care about may benefit from a mental health treatment program that includes dual diagnosis treatment, contact our team by calling 844.332.1807 or completing our secure online form. Healing is possible by reaching out to Fort Behavioral Health today.

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