When choosing a substance abuse treatment center, gender is probably not your primary concern. You have taken the most difficult step, which is choosing to seek help and putting all of your effort into a successful recovery. For some people, gender-specific treatment programs can be extremely effective.

Choosing a quality program that suits your needs, learning style, and other personal considerations is essential. However, there are many compelling reasons why selecting a gender-specific rehab center is a good idea. We encourage you to consider the following points before choosing a gender-specific or non-gender-specific rehab center, such as the programs available at Fort Behavioral Health.

Social Expectations

While gender norms and tendencies may seem outdated, the fact remains that men and women do tend to think and behave differently. This is especially true in groups. The fact is that mixed company makes for more complex social dynamics.

For this reason alone, it is wise to make your substance abuse treatment as simple as possible. It can be particularly helpful for men seeking substance abuse treatment to attend gender-specific treatment as any challenge to trust may endanger your recovery.

Comfort in Sharing

History has shown that when dealing with stressors, people tend to adhere to common expectations. That being the case, it is reasonable to expect men to share less in the company of women. Men also tend to bond more readily among male-only company. Often, men feel inhibited sharing internal experiences among women. Our biology and socialization teach us that we need to appear strong to the opposite sex. There may be a good reason for this. But if we can limit any inhibitions to sharing openly and honestly, then it is best to choose a men’s rehab program that eliminates any undue social constraints.

Appearances and Definitions of Success

In typical social settings, a man who is seen as successful is one who is gainfully employed, ambitious, places work before personal life, and who can be counted on by others for support. Whether this is true or not, it is not particularly helpful in a treatment center setting. In a recovery center, the need to exhibit such strength may inhibit the ability to admit mistakes and learn to change. Again, we want to remove any factors inhibiting a positive attitude toward treatment.

Safe Spaces

While men often strive to appear invulnerable in the company of women, this does not contribute to an atmosphere of healing. When a man has suffered a loss or has a sense of defeat, it is far better to be in the company of men in the same situation. Time and practice have shown us that males are far more likely to assume a therapeutic attitude in a gender-specific men’s detox center. It is easier for men to develop a bond, particularly in a treatment setting in the absence of women.


A men’s rehab program is an opportunity for men to redefine what it means to be strong and learn how to develop healthy male relationships. Friendship is a key part of any healthy person’s life. In recovery, we need a strong support group where mature attitudes about challenges and success are shared. To achieve this, it is often best to learn to develop healthy and supportive friendships.

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