“Where can I find drug treatment centers near me capable of giving me the best shot at recovery?” It’s a question many people ask when they are ready to stop abusing drugs and to start healing. Drug addiction treatment programs are available in most areas, though not every program is the same. Before you decide where to get help, take a closer look at what key features the best treatment programs offer. At Fort Behavioral Health in Fort Worth, Texas, we provide you with access to comprehensive care in a supportive and caring environment.

Drug Treatment Centers Near Me with a Drug Detox Program

One of the first things to look for when comparing programs is a drug and alcohol detox program. If you are in active addiction or have abused drugs for a long time, you may benefit from a drug detox program. This type of treatment enables your body to rid itself of toxins and chemicals so that you can begin the recovery process. Medications may be used to minimize the experience of withdrawal symptoms and cravings. You may benefit from a drug detox program if:

  • You have tried to stop using before but could not.
  • You have overdosed at some point.
  • You’re using highly addictive drugs such as heroin or cocaine.
  • You’ve relapsed before.
  • You’ve used drugs for a long time, or you’ve used a large amount of drugs.

Drug Treatment Centers Near Me with Residential Care

Drug addiction treatment in a residential treatment program tends to be the best starting point. It enables you to step away from your family and friends to focus solely on overcoming your addiction. Drug addiction treatment also enables you to work through challenges, stress, and your addiction’s underlying causes in a safe and comfortable space. By providing you with access to a range of addiction treatment and a drug-free environment, you can start to feel restored here.

Drug Treatment Centers Near Me with Mental Health Disorder Support

Many people with addiction also have a mental health disorder. Often, a mental health disorder is not diagnosed. However, it is impossible to treat the addiction without addressing the mental health disorder at the same time. Dual diagnosis treatment is the way to accomplish this goal. If you feel anxiety, depression, or instances of post-traumatic stress disorder, it’s critical to seek out a treatment center such as Fort Behavioral Health that offers this type and level of care.

Drug Treatment Centers Near Me with Addiction Treatment Therapies

Another way to compare the options for treatment is to look at the type of therapies offered. Not every therapy works for each person, which is why choosing a location with ample options makes sense. At Fort Behavioral Health, the basis of addiction therapy programs include:

In addition to these evidence-based therapies, you may want to embrace holistic care. This type of care supports whole-body healing. Holistic care focuses on helping you to find your happiness and joy again while also enabling your body to recover.

As you compare the treatment options, know that our team at Fort Behavioral Health in Fort Worth, Texas, offers a wide range of supportive programs in a trusted, comprehensive program. We work with young men and adults who are ready to change but may need support and guidance to get to their best outcome. With master-level clinicians and a dedication to superior results, we are here to support you.

Seek Out Drug Addiction Treatment Today at Fort Behavioral Health

Finding drug treatment centers near you doesn’t have to be as challenging as you think. If you’re ready to embrace treatment, turn to Fort Behavioral Health. Find out what makes our programs so effective by calling our compassionate counselors at 844.332.1807 or reaching out online.

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