Addiction is a brain disease that causes physical and physiological changes to the brain. The brain controls our thoughts, memory and speech, movement of the limbs, and the function of many organs within our body. Drugs and alcohol affect the brain’s neurotransmitters, which release an excess level of dopamine, causing temporary pleasurable feelings and euphoria. The brain eventually adapts to the quantity of drugs or alcohol used, making the sought-after substance or activity less pleasurable.

At that point, an addiction develops, and drug and alcohol brain damage becomes more evident. If you feel as though you may have drug and alcohol brain damage, it’s essential to know that help is available. At Fort Behavioral Health in Fort Worth, Texas, our drug and alcohol detox programs can help you regain control of your life. We give you guidance and support throughout your substance abuse treatment to stop any drug and alcohol brain damage you may have suffered.

How Does Drug and Alcohol Brain Damage Occur?

Some drugs have toxic effects that can kill neurons in the brain. Most of these cells will not be replaced. While changes to connections between neurons in the brain may not be permanent, some last for months or even years.

The brain regulates temperature, emotions, decision-making, breathing, and coordination. This major organ in the body also impacts physical sensations in the body, emotions, cravings, compulsions, and habits. Under the influence of a powerful, but harmful chemical, individuals abusing substances can alter the function of their brain.

Drugs interact with the limbic system in the brain to release strong feel-good emotions, affecting the individual’s body and mind. Our brains reward us when we do something that brings us pleasure. To illustrate, individuals continue taking drugs to support the intense feel-good emotions the brain releases, thus creating a cycle of drug use and intense highs. Eventually, they take the drug just to feel normal.

Drugs and alcohol affect major organ functions and can lead to heart disease, liver failure, some types of cancer, kidney failure, overdose, and death. Additionally, drug and alcohol brain damage affects the ability to form and store important memories. Neurological damage is associated with nearly all drugs or alcohol, and chronic use can lead to irreversible drug and alcohol brain damage.

Benefits of Substance Abuse Treatment

Although you may understand the cycle of addiction and how it changes your brain, it may be difficult to stop using drugs and alcohol on your own. It will take time and commitment to lifestyle changes for you to have the best success in recovery. However, the best strategy for ending your dependence on drugs or alcohol is to enter into a drug addiction treatment program at Fort Behavioral Health in Fort Worth, Texas. You will not only stop more drug and alcohol brain damage but you will also:

  • Prevent future relapse – Our team will work with you to develop strategies to ensure long-lasting, genuine recovery.
  • Repair damaged relationships – Addiction to drugs or alcohol often disrupts relationships with friends or family members. When you enter into a substance abuse treatment program, you have the opportunity to reconnect with loved ones.
  • Enhance self-confidence – As you progress through treatment at our drug addiction treatment center or alcohol addiction treatment rehab center, you rediscover your inner strength and resilience.
  • Identify triggers – Triggers are people or places that cause you to want to abuse drugs or alcohol. When you are in a substance abuse treatment program at Fort Behavioral Health, you label your triggers and create techniques to avoid them.

End Further Drug and Alcohol Brain Damage Today

If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction, do not wait to get help. Addiction is complex, but substance abuse treatment is available at Fort Behavioral Health. Reach out to our compassionate team today so you can enjoy a fulfilling, meaningful life free from drug and alcohol addiction. Contact us by calling 844.332.1807 or completing our online form today.

The Fort Worth Recovery umbrella covers medically supervised detox and residential programs for men and women alike. Our programs are abstinence-based and combine a 12-step approach with a strong mental health component, integrating cutting-edge techniques such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), eye movement desensitization, and reprocessing therapy (EMDR), somatic experiencing, and motivational interviewing. For more information or to start your healing journey, please fill out a contact request form, and one of our recovery experts will connect with you shortly.

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